About the project

This project is implemented by Democracy Plus (D +) in partnership with the Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture (ACDC) with the support of the Justice System Strengthening Program (USAID/JSSP).

In order to collect information on the quality of services provided by the Basic Courts of Kosovo, based on the direct experience of users of court services: lawyers and citizens who are parties in court proceedings, four surveys were conducted in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Citizens who participated in this study were randomly selected as they exited the court building, while the lawyers were selected from the public list of the Kosovo Bar Association, while the survey took place in the offices of randomly selected lawyers. All participants of the study answered the survey questions anonymously and from their answers the seven basic courts were ranked in the three variables of the study: access to information/transparency, efficiency, and prevalence of corruption.

This research was undertaken to collect statistically accurate data from the direct experience of users of court services. These findings have resulted in a number of recommendations that address issues that need intervention and acting by the courts in order to improve the experience that users of judicial services receive from courts, and consequently increase public trust in Kosovo’s judicial system.

USAID/JSSP is a five-year rule of law activity that builds upon USAID’s prior efforts to advance the rule of law in Kosovo and ensure that the justice system operates in a professional, efficient, and accountable manner. The program focuses on promoting a judicial system that adheres to high standards of independence, impartiality, integrity, accountability, and transparency, and on supporting the functioning and integration of judicial structures in the north of Kosovo. 

Strengthen efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of justice and the delivery of quality services Through USAID, the Justice System Strengthening Program (JSSP) assists the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) and Kosovo’s courts in consolidating gains in efficiency and management at the court level. This is accomplished by facilitating the decentralization of administrative competencies and institutionalizing systems and tools for effective court and case management. Activities under this objective reduce case backlog and procedural obstacles to court efficiency and effectiveness. 

Enhance the accountability and professionalism of the justice system JSSP works closely with the KJC, judges, and court staff in building capacity to deliver justice professionally and efficiently. It also promotes continuing education and public integrity initiatives as the foundation for a judiciary that is accessible, credible, and effective. 

Support the functioning and the integration of judicial structures in the North JSSP supports the KJC and courts in activating judicial structures in northern Kosovo based on the Justice Sector Agreement signed by Kosovo and Serbia in 2015. This agreement provides for the integration of institutions, court operations, and judicial resources in the north. JSSP also assists individual courts in the region with case inventories and transfers, backlog reduction, case management, and capacity-building for judges and court staff.

Democracy Plus is an independent, nonprofit, and nonpartisan organization founded by a group of activists who believe in further strengthening democratic values in Kosovo. The main objective of D+ is to foster democratic values and practices that will further strengthen the voice of the Kosovar society. D+ aims to contribute in establishing good governance practices, strengthening the rule of law, assisting free and fair elections, and fostering respect for human rights and social issues. D+ has implemented different projects that aim to bring decision-makers closer to citizens through policy research, facilitation of dialogue and interaction, and public education.

Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture is a civil society organization based in North Mitrovica, Kosovo. ACDC’s goal is to improve the engagement of a multiethnic population in the Mitrovica region and raise citizen awareness about democratic culture.